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  • Update 14. Nov




    Textures & more

  • Creating New 3D Scenes

    Over the last weeks, I created different 3D scenes inside Blender for the design of the Texture Book website.
    I mainly focused on artistic environmental renders which differentiate from each other in the color scheme.

    Still not done but it’s coming together.

    Stay creative!

    Creating a city scene inside Blender.

  • Texture Indexing

    We are currently adding pages for our textures and a category feature.

    Jakob is working on new Textures an cool renders and models for our Patreons.

    Stay creative!

  • Account- System

    We started work on an account system, now you can register for Texturebook!

    Stay creative!

  • A small update

    We designed our Landing Page for the launch and are working on new renders for it. We renamed “WHAT IS TEXTUREBOOK?” to “ABOUT US” and are providing more information and showing you the Team behind this Website.

    Jakob is currently working on cool models and images for Social Media.

    And by the way we have Patreon now so we would really appreciate it if you could take a look.

    Stay creative!

  • Why is our menu not working?

    On mobile devices, our menu doesn´t work.
    Do you know why? – Please leave a comment!

    Stay creative!

  • First Texture Tests

    In order to create amazing PBR textures you need to have a good and efficient workflow to do so. The first tests for this workflow with different types of software are now completed and we decided on a workflow which will be used in the future to create amazing textures for 3D creation.

    Now it‘s on to create the first 10 textures for the website, which will be the job for the next couple of weeks.

    Stay creative!

  • First Website Tests

    We started testing today, our Website may lag or look different in the next weeks.

    Stay creative!

  • Start of Development

    After we designed a prototype a few weeks ago, we started development today.

    Stay creative!